Snowmobile trail map application

With more than 125,000 km of trails maintained during the winter season and more than 600,000 snowmobilers practicing this sport, Canada is considered by many to be the snowmobile heaven on earth! The economic benefits that this activity generates are estimated around $8 billion CDN every year. For many small municipalities in Canada, this contribution of fresh money is crucial. These are just some of the reasons why Mapgears is actively involved in the development of online snowmobile cartographic services, with the federations of New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and the well-known Onatchiway snowmobile club.

Application goals

The eVouala online mapping platform is used to inform snowmobilers about trail conditions, point of interest locations and the shortest path between origin-destination points. One of the useful features of this application is the trail status, which is automatically updated by the snow grooming machine activities. It allows snowmobile clubs to publish the number of days the last grooming of the trails occured without needing to intervene manually.

App Snowmobile Saskatchewan

You can browse the Sask Snow application, the Trail map of New Brunswick or the Snow mobile Onatchiway club trail maps.

How it works

Each snow grooming machine of participating federations is equipped with a GPS Tracker provided by the AtlasTrax supplier, that communicates its position by satellite to the central eVouala server every 5 minutes. Those devices allows us to generate groomer trips in near real time. By having geometry trip segments, the date and time of the starts and ends of all trips, it’s therefore possible to publish the number of days since the last time any given trail has been groomed, all this without any manual intervention.

Useful tools for club managers

The application built using the eVouala platform allows snowmobile federation administrators to update their trail map themselves (while respecting topological rules), to manually change the trail opening status, add points of interest (gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, motels, restaurants, shelters) and even help club funding by letting them add advertising.

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